American Bison - Bison/Merino Blend Gloves with leather palms

A slightly more affordable variation on our bison fiber gloves made from a blend of  50%  bison fiber and 50% fine super-wash treated Merino wool.  These gloves are durable, absorb moisture without feeling damp, and retain body heat well.  When you need a good pair of really warm gloves that are extra tough, these fit the bill perfectly.  Made in the USA. 

Don't let cold hands shorten your hunting/fishing trip.  Check your glove size with this handy sizing chart. 

 Care for gloves - hand wash or Machine washable on gentle cycle

  • Mix cool water and a mild detergent (I personally use baby shampoo) in the sink.
  • Soak a clean white cloth in the soap-and-water mixture and gently rub at any stains on the leather or surface dirt on the gloves.
  • Squeeze the gloves between your hand and a clean towel to remove excess water. Do not twist or wring to dry, as this will damage the deerskin.
  • Allow to air-dry fully before returning to use.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: NO FINE PRINT,  If you don't truly love them, send them back.

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