About Us

You will not be disappointed with your purchases! The Woolpower underwear and the Gransfors Bruks axes are made in Sweden. We look at these products as part of our "Survival Essentials".

We have been selling Woolpower since 1999!

This line was originally called Ullfrotte. They “Keep you warm even when wet” and they are the choice “when going inside is not an option. The reason is their special weave of wool terry loops that are constantly wicking moisture to the surface to evaporate. Plus, we have added Woolpower’s line called “LITE”. It is a soft rib knit weave. It is awesome! The axes are one of the finest handmade tools you will find in the world. You will find that we only sell products that we absolutely love!!! These products are unlike anything you have ever experienced. These products are their own advertising!

Remember to look at our Altiplano Llama Wool Outerwear. They are the most versatile line of outerwear! Whether you are mountaineering, skiing or simply staying busy closer to home, this product will also enhance the quality of your time in the outdoors.

GOLFERS!! The “Windshirt” is designed with the golfer in mind, The llama wool’s ability to breathe and wick will keep you from overheating and perspiring. Thank you for visiting our website and we know you will love your choices!