Environment and Future:

At Woolpower® our ambition is to offer the future’s best protective clothing. As a garment manufacturer, we must naturally take responsibility for improving the selection of protective and occupational clothing and for making tomorrow’s recreational and working life as safe and pleasant as possible.

In working to develop Woolpower®, our aim is to create even better products by refining the raw materials and devising new processing methods. Research institutes, universities, raw material producers, machinery suppliers and wearers of Woolpower® worldwide are our source of knowledge for the future.

Quality and Environmental Assurance:

Quality and environmental thinking are a natural part of our day-to-day work. Today we comply with the rules for quality assurance according to ISO 9000 and our goal is to obtain ISO 14000 certification within a few years.Environmental issues in the industry are closely observed and followed up on location. In 1997 Woolpower® carried out a Clean Wool Expedition in which wool as a raw material was studied in Australia and New Zealand.

Environmentally Adapted Methods:

In the textile industry we are aware that traditional processing of raw wool affects the environment in several ways. There are solutions to most of the environmental problems associated with wool production.

Environmentally friendly production methods allow natural resources to be utilized in a sustainable manner, for example by avoiding overgrazing and preserving vegetation and harmful insects are combatted with manual and biological methods.

Problems related to wool washing can be dealt with through better waste management, environmentally adapted washing agents and composting of organic waste material. To make the wool machine washable, the raw material is treated with a chlorine compound before spinning. The industry is engaged in intensive research to find a better and more environmentally friendly technique. Woolpower® is following this development with keen interest.