Buffalo Wool


Quick facts about Bison fiber  The hairs are made up of five hairs, the outer guard hairs are hollow, course and a micron count that starts at 21 and go  upward.  But it is the super-soft undercoat of the downy hair that we use for our premium bison down products.  The "down" micron count is between 14-18. The hair contains no lanolin, which is the source of many wool allergies, making it an excellent allergy-free fiber.  Buffalo down is a very warm, insulating fiber that is warmer and more comfortable to wear than sheep's wool.  

Care of Bison: Bison fiber is bison tough, our gear can be machine washed in warm water and dried in the dryer on gentle cycle.  Machine washing will create a soft halo to your garment.  Should you choose not to create the halo effect, hand wash and lay flat to dry.

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