About Woolpower Collection

It’s All in the Loops…

Ullfrotté Original is knit with a smooth outer synthetic layer, and a soft terry loop inner lining. The lofty terry loops on the inside, coupled with the natural crimp of Merino wool fibers, create a garment capable of trapping warm air circulating just above the outer layer of skin.

The permeable nature of Ullfrotté Original material allows moisture to be transported away from the body. As the body heats up, perspiration is released and water vapor accumulates inside your clothing. The terry loop design facilitates the process of trapping body heat while simultaneously releasing moisture.  We look at these garments as "Survival Essentials".

Woolpower Unisex

Woolpower® Clothing
Woolpower® wool clothing, wool long underwear, and wool socks are made exclusively of fine Merino wool with a fiber diameter of 22 microns. Woolpower® has the highest insulation level for protection from both heat and cold. Wool clothing made of Woolpower® are not only warm but also wick moisture from the skin and allow water vapor to pass through the wool fiber – without losing their thermal properties. Studies show that the wool fiber’s ability to absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors is far superior to that of other textiles. Wool clothing and socks are simply the best for most activities. size chart


Woolpower® LITE
Woolpower is introducing a brand new material, Woolpower LITE, to fill the need for a thinner base layer.  Function is still the main focus. There are no more seams than are absolutely necessary. The material is very soft, smooth and stretchy, and it does not smell. 

The new material still provides insulation, but more importantly its merino wool adapts to temperature and activity level.  Woolpower LITE is constructed with a rib knit and is made with 80% merino wool (superfine, 19.5 micron). The merino wool is combined with 20% of synthetic, polyamide fiber, to create a stronger and more durable garment.

Still made in Sweden of course. Creating the best wool clothing & socks  Wool terry cloth contains up to 80% air, which binds to the kinky fiber. The air forms an insulating layer along the skin and prevents heat from escaping. In addition, the air bound in the terry cloth loops creates a double thermal effect. The material keeps your body dry and retains its thermal properties even when damp.  

Some Woolpower mid-layer garments are produced with Aramid fibers added to the wool, further reinforcing the capacity to withstand heat and flames. The flame resistant products are marked FR (Flame Resistant) and are CE marked in accordance with the requirements for this type of protective clothing. 

The products comply with the European norms for personal protection equipment in cold work: European standard EN 531 for protection against brief contact with flames and the spread of fire (A), convective heat (B2) and protection against radiated heat (C1).

Woolpower Flame Resistant
FR - Flame (ARC) Resistant Collection
Woolpower®'s fire protection series has been developed to meet the criteria established by the European work environment committees with regard to protective clothing for industrial workers. Woolpower® meets the standard of EN 531 A B2 C1. Code A indicates the garment's resistance to open flame, code B its protection from convective heat and code C its protection from radiated heat. Woolpower® is 70% Wool / 12% Aramide / 18% Polyamide.

Woolpower Socks
Same great product with a new name: Woolpower ® (formerly Ulfrotte ® Original - Wool Socks)

LITE Sock: Woolpower LITE is constructed with a rib knit and is made with 80% merino wool (superfine, 19.5 micron). The merino wool is combined with 20% of synthetic, polyamide fiber, to create a stronger and more durable garment.

Active Sock: 200 g/m2 (0.7 oz/sq.ft) - A thinner recreational sock made of our finest gauge knit. Suitable for both summer and winter in lightweight shoes. Activities: Travel, Walking, Sailing.

Sport Sock: 400 g/m2 (1.3 oz/sq.ft) - Sport sock for year-round use. Suitable in both jogging shoes or lightweight hiking or work shoes. Activities: Skiing, Hiking, Hunting.

Wildlife Sock: 600 g/m2 (2 oz/sq.ft) - A thick durable sock for cold weather. Suitable in heavyweight shoes and boots. Activities: Hiking, Climbing.

Arctic Sock: 800 g/m2 (2.6 oz/sq.ft) - Great sock for the harshest weather conditions. If layering, consider using either Sport or Active socks as a base under Arctic socks. The Arctic sock requires extra roomy footwear. Activities: Extreme Expedition.

Flame Resistant/Workwear Sock: available in our 600 gram and 400 gram socks (2 oz/sq.ft) weight.

Washability: Our wool is superwash-treated at the mill to allow repeated machine washing of the garments in 140°F without shrinking or losing their insulating capacity. Woolpower® Original retains its excellent function even after long use and when the opportunities for washing the garment are limited.