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Gatorskins Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt

Gatorskins Thermal Long Sleeve Shirt

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Our original Gatorskins Crew Neck shirt is the “Star” that turned the industry around. A lightweight shirt that is worn loose (the looser you wear Gatorskins, the warmer you stay) and stretches with the wearer, enhancing movement. This shirt can be worn as a base layer, against the skin, for warmest protection, or, over a T shirt as a lightweight ‘wind break’, instead of a jacket. The tail of the shirt is cut longer so it doesn’t pull out and there is space built around the shoulders so the shirt does not bind. This wonderful shirt is lighter than paper, three times warmer than wool for it’s weight, wicks sweat, breaths out overheated air, is water repellent, and best of all – is 100% wind proof !!! This amazing garment has been tested at 110 mph. wind speed and has stopped air from blowing out a lit candle on the other side. Okay, it was done in a garage with a leaf blower… But, it still stopped all that air. This shirt was originally introduced for motorcycle riders to extend their riding season, and it does. Our riders here In Central Pennsylvania, usually put their bikes away in early or mid December. Now, they can ride through January. If it works for bikers in cold weather, it will work for you.

Choose Charcoal or White with Green Logo.  Sizes XS to 6XL

Due to the nature of this fabric the many variations in monitors and browsers, colors may vary slightly.

The Gatorskins® technology was developed by DuPont researchers from a new leading edge material. This micro fabric is knitted from ultra microfibers that are smaller that a human red blood cell, yet they hold a greater amount of warm air next to the body than traditional fabrics of equal or greater thickness. Gatorskins® will keep you warmer in the cold and dryer in wet weather and still breath better than any other water repellent material you’ve tried.

Gatorskins® is proudly made in the U.S.A. by a veteran owned company.



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