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GRANSFORS Axe File - #4031

GRANSFORS Axe File - #4031

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This axe file is a fine-toothed iron file with two faces and a small wooden handle. The handle is thicker near the file blade to give a good grip. The file is normally used with water but can be used dry. If

the blade has been heavily damaged, start with the Axe File. Clear the blade of dirt and resin before you start, otherwise the edge can get filled in and the "bite" will be lost. Filing your axe: To ease filling, tie down or use one of your feet to hold the axe against a stable surface. Place something under the blade for stability and to get the right angle. Hold the handle of the file with one hand and use the fingers of your other hand to apply pressure against the backside of the file. File away from yourself, in the direction of the blade, lifting up the file when returning to the beginning of the stroke. Avoid filing back and forth as this fills the file ridges with metal shavings and dulls the file. If the file gets full of metal shavings, clean it with a wire brush. Try to preserve the axe's original bit shape by filing equally on both sides along the length of the entire bit. To remove smaller dings and restore the edge from normal use and get the right sharpening on the blade after filing, use a Gransfors Axe Stone or Axe Diamond.

  • Item no: 4031 
  • Length with handle: 14 cm (5.5") 
  • Weight: 74 g (3 oz) 
  • Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather



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