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GRANSFORS Battle Axe - #507

GRANSFORS Battle Axe - #507

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The Gränsfors Battle Axe was developed in the Nordic countries during the 10th century. It is characterised by its four eye- lugs: two above and two below the eye. The axe has a wide, thin blade with a long, curved edge. The battle axe was common in the Nordic countries during the Viking Age and was considered the height of fashion. Although the axe was primarily used in battle, it also signified the power and status of its owner.

This replica, forged by hand, is based on an axe used during the Viking Age. The original is exhibited at Jämtlands Läns Museum in Östersund.

Length with handle: 85 cm (33.5") 
Weight: 1,2 kg (2.6 lb)
Item no: 509



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