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Woolpower - LITE Tee

Woolpower - LITE Tee

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Woolpower LITE is a cool year-round material that can be used closest to the body. It keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. 

Woolpower LITE is our thinnest material. It is a cool and comfortable material that makes itself the best closest to the body. LITE is tight knitwear and therefore cooler even though they actually contain more wool than our underwear in Ullfrotté original. LITE can be used when it is a little warmer outside, as the material helps to cool the body. But it also keeps you warm when it's cold outside.

Round neck sweater with short sleeves. Curved seams for the best fit. The sleeves have a ragle stitch to prevent chafing in combination with a backpack, for example. The back is longer to prevent slips.  Woolpower's base is not stitched and feels soft and comfortable to the skin.

Keep in mind that the garments are in UNISEX. Compare your measurements with our size guide.

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